Concept and design

A long experience in the areas of exhibitions and events paired with the knowhow of industry designers allows me to develop a total package to fulfill your needs. It is my aim to represent the character of your organization unerringly as well as portray the specific purpose of the event artistically.


Planning and logistics

Based on the final concept I set the course for a cost-effective and timely fulfillment of the contract. The more multi-faceted the project is, the higher are the coordination efforts prior to the event. I keep track of everything and see to an efficient and smooth operation before, during and after the event.



Although you can access a large pool of continuously available materials, is not guaranteed that the right one for your event is always in the repertoire. A trusted team of seasoned suppliers then fulfills almost every special request. I personally vouch for the highest quality and remain your direct contact.



My experienced team of technicians takes care of a diligent and smooth setup. Changing needs can be met spontaneously and easily on site by using their wide range of expertise. A personal final approval and handover by a higher-ranking re person in charge marks the end of each assembly.